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Mile #177 Leah

Leah was born in April 1996 in Germany . When she was only 3 month old we all moved back to the States . She was duel citizen and very proud of it.
She was such a fun , very smart , very very cute little girl . She had two older half sisters and two older half brothers . The sisters lived full time with us . So needles to day Leah was always way more mature then girls her age since her two older sisters taught her many "things" that were sometimes a little to mature for Leah's age .
At a very young age , three years old , Leah discovered her love for dancing , ballet !
She fell in love with this art and stayed with it till she was almost 12 .
Her biggest pride was showing her pictures of from when she had performed at the Nut Cracker with the Nevada Ballet Academy three years in a row .
When we moved to Hawaii in 2005 she had to stop her passion and grieved over it for many years . 
While living in Hawaii , Leah discovered her love for Animals . She attended the summer camp at the Honolulu Zoo and during the next couple of summers became a junior leader during those summers .
Leah had such a big heart and people fell in love with her very easy ! She was very supportive especially to the ones who were bullied or has a hard time amongst others .
In 2008 we moved back to Las Vegas. Leah was very happy to be reunited with her best friends that she had known since pre school . She was a little nervous starting middle school . She started to bloom into this incredible beautiful young girl , that just turned heads.
After she graduated from middle school , Leah got accepted into a magnet high school . She was over the moon happy !! Her major was culinary arts !
When she turned 16 in 2012 ,Leah had been adjusted very well to high school even though it was pretty stressful and a lot of work was accepted from her . But she was such a good , focused student . She was a real good teenager . Since her dad and I had been divorced it was only Leah and I living together . We were such a great team . Leah was very responsible and I could count on her and trust her 100% especially while I had to work full time !! 
Then in the beginning of Nov 2012 , Leah started to have strong pain in her right hand . We thought it was from all the intense school work and tests she had to do during that time .
The pain just didn't get any better . On nov 13 2012 I told her maybe the next day she should stay home and we would see a doctor . She did not want to miss school . The only complaint she had that night , she felt like she was coming down with the flu.
The next morning , Nov 14 2012 , I heard Leah getting ready in her bathroom for school . 
All of the sudden I hear a weird noise , I got up and found her passed out on the floor having a major seizure !
That day was the beginning of a journey we never thought we would ever have to go through !!
In the hospital they found a mass in her left side of her brain . Leah was transported to Ucla on Nov 20th 2012. She had brain surgery a week later and first the good news was afterwards , the tumor had been completely encapsulated ! Surgery was a huge success !
But then on Nov 29th 2012 the horrible news came from pathology: the tumor was a stage 4 GBM brain tumor ! Very aggressive tumor with horrible survival statistics . 
But after the initial shock and crying , we sat with the doctors and listened to Leah's treatment plan ! Since her tumor had been all removed her chances of getting through this , being cured , were very good !
Leah had to re learn to use her right side of her body , since the location of the tumor on her left side of her brain , had affected her motor skills on the right . She pretty much wasn't able anymore to use her right hand . Which was very frustrating for her , but like with everything throughout this journey , Leah just accepted it and made the best out of it .
With in one one month , Leah got herself out of the wheelchair again !
She underwent 33 rounds of radiation and 14 month of chemo . It was heartbreaking to see her suffering ! Not so much physically then emotionally !! She lost her hair from the radiation and the steroids made her gain lots of weight which made her depressed and very sad .
We decided for Leah to stay in homeschool till chemo would be over. Leah and I took many trips to California , to the beach and Disneyland !! Which was Leah's absolutely favorite . She was a huge Disney fan and the little mermaid was her favorite princess !
In October of 2013 we went on her make a wish trip to Florida : Disney world !
Leah finished her chemo in feb of 2014! Her last MRI in March of 2014 showed no evidence of any tumor or cancer ! Her doctor called her a miracle !! 
Leah turned 18 on April 18th , we were is excited over 2014 ! Her being done with chemo , looking forward to life without treatments and cancer , turning 18 , prom , graduating from High school !! Life was looking good !
Then shortly after her birthday she started to seem very weak , getting weaker by the day . She was having a hard time walking and her right side became all weak again . Then she was forgetting things , names . 
She had her MRI moved up early . She had relapsed !! With in such a short time , last clean MRI was in March , the cancer was back !
The tumor had come back worse then before , grown so large in such a short amount of time . Due to the location of the new tumor , no surgery was possible ! 
The only option , trying to buy Leah more time with chemo .
Leah ended yo in the hospital right after her Prom , which thank God she went to .
Her Health declined so rapidly that she wasn't able to attend her graduation ceremony !
By the middle of June I took Leah home into hospice .
Leah passed away on August 7th of 2014 !

She will be missed and loved forever and always 

Love never Ends

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