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Mile #164 Chelsea 

My only biological child, Chelsea Ciancia was diagnosed with ALL on August 6, 1999 at 7 years old. After months of seeing bruises on her little body, and her pediatrician telling me that she was "slightly anemic", I finally told them, "screw you, I am taking her to the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, and if there is something wrong, they will find it." After 6 months of messing around with her pediatrician, it took CHOP only 5 hours to diagnose her and admit her. Chelsea spent an initial 3 weeks in the hospital, and it seemed as if we spent every holiday for the next year inpatient on 3 east. After 3 and 1/2 years of treatment and spending 5 years camcer free, we had a "I kicked cancers ass" party when she was 15! Today, Chelsea is 26 years old and has given me 2 beautiful grandchildren! 
Thank you for honoring our kids! 


Chelsea's Mom, and Lincoln and Ruby's Nana,

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