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Mile #161 Maverick 

On October 16th, 2014 my world changed forever and I was brought into a community most never get to meet. My son, Maverick, was 2.5 years and was saying he broke his arm. I took him to the doctor. At this time I had just started a new job. The doctor thought it

was a separated shoulder. We went home and then I got the call. They thought it was Ewing's Sarcoma Cancer in the scapula. My son and I went to the hospital that night and started the process. Much of the rest is a blur. Around November 3rd 2014 we started treatment. I went to work when I could and my mom and daughter stayed at the hospital with Maverick. I finally had to go FMLA to help with his care. In June 2015 I transferred my son to the other hospital for personal reasons. In November 2015 we celebrated end of treatment and were told Maverick was NED. In February 2016, Maverick started acting weird. After scans a new tumor was found in his lung. This tumor was removed and again we started chemo. After 2 rounds we did scans and a bone marrow aspirate. I went and met with the doctor and was told the chemo didn’t work and that it was in his bone marrow. I was told to take Maverick home and let him die. I didn’t take that and called MD Anderson. We went on our Make A Wish and when we got home Maverick and I packed up and headed to Houston. I knew nobody here and was on my own. I also left my 12 year old daughter, who has Hydrocephalus, and my mom, who is disabled, in Lubbock. That was hard.

After we met with the team at MD Anderson I was told Maverick’s Cancer was not in his bone marrow. The next week we started chemo. In June I made the decision to move my family to Houston. Unfortunately, the first types of chemo didn’t work. Again we started a new regimen. I then enlisted Maverick in a new trial at MD Anderson. In September 2016 Mav had the tumors removed, part of his lung and part of his diaphragm. Then part of the trial was to put hot chemo directly into the lungs to kill off any microscopic tumors. We were to do two more rounds of chemo and finally be done. After one more round, Maverick’s kidneys wouldn’t cooperate.

This has been a rollercoaster with no real end time. I know this and it drives me crazy. I wish people understood that Ewing’s is a nasty diagnosis and that the rollercoaster will forever be in motion.

I want to thank you for getting to know our family and helping us during this time. Maverick is a child who brings light and hope to many. He keeps me strong and that is apparent in his smile.

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