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Hi Tom and Stillbrave Staff, 

Thank you once again for your continuous fight for our children affected by cancer. Below is Aliana's bio and I hope there is still room for Aliana. 

Aliana is a happy, energetic and friendly 7 year old. Had you met her 4 years ago while she was undergoing radiation/chemo for Wilms Tumour you would have missed her spunky personality. Cancer came and changed my daughter to a bed ridden, low energy and sad little girl. She would find her strength when she would fight the nurses off when it was time to give her chemo.  Aliana underwent 6 rounds of radiation and 8 months of chemo. Some weeks she had 1 chemo per week, others she had 5 full days of chemo. Those 8 months were full of uncertainty and of living scared wondering if the same meds that were supposed to save her life were killing her at the same time. We are now 4 years into remission and are thankful for that great accomplishment but in the back of our minds lurks that uncertainty if cancer will stay at bay or rear its ugly head and affect our lives once again. For now we are thankful and continue to pray each and every day for Aliana, her health and for all the kids big and small who are affected each and every day. 

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