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Mile #155 Annaleise 

Hello my name is David Sisneros and my daughter Annaleise has congenital AML. This means she was born with Leukemia.. AML is a form of Leukemia 
that affects the blood and in her case it was a rare form. I stumbled upon a page that only people who’s kids have cancer would stumble on and I saw how you plan on embarking on a 200 mile run and how this journey of yours represents a honor for these kids that have their own Journeys to battle, these uphill battles, pushing the limits! This reminds me of Annaleise’s battle from day one of opening her eyes to experience life out of her tomb and having to fight for her life right off the bat.. I commend your discipline and how you use your platform to spread awareness. Thank You!! Here is a quick summary of her story! 

Annaleise was born with AML and her case of acquiring it was rare.. When she was born we noticed different spots on her body that the nurses believed to be Mongolian marks and flagged no concern.. After a week passed, we noticed at her pediatrician appointment that the spots began to multiply and some of them started to blister up.. the pediatrician thought it was a dermatology issue and referred us to talk to a dermatologist.. the blisters were getting bigger and bigger.. on her head, mouth and arms.. I knew something was wrong and the dermatologist couldn’t get us in for 6 months.. it wasn’t until her 2 week check up that her pediatrician agreed that something was wrong and sent us to the hospital.. after some test were performed she was diagnosed with leukemia and we were devastated.. She was born with 550,000 white blood cells and a normal baby only has 20,000.. for the first few days blood transfers where done.. that’s when they took out bad blood and replaced it with good blood to get it in a safe range to start chemotherapy.. her first round of chemotherapy was scheduled for 10 days.. she only made it 7 days and had fallen in critical condition.. she was sedated for a month until she recovered for a second round of chemotherapy.. after the second round and and a lumbar puncture that we found out she is in remission.. after 4 rounds and 5 months in the hospital we are happily at home now enjoying our 1 year old who just turned August 10th! Here is a couple of pictures that speak volumne to me! Her facebook page has plenty of pictures and story since day one if you choose to use her story. You can find her page at

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