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Mile #141 Wes 

I hadn’t submitted before because we knew he was dying but hadn’t passed yet so the status wouldn’t have been accurate at the time of the race :-/ I hate to even think that I was waiting for his passing because I feel guilty in doing so. As you know, my son, Wes Pak, fought stage 4 neuroblastoma 6 times over the course of 7 years (since he was 5). He tirelessly battled through extensive treatment, surgeries, trials and radiation just to be taken away from us November 3, 2018 at 12 years old. Wes didn’t want to die but he knew it was inevitable. He fought until the very last moment that he took his last breath. He had dreams of changing the world and advocating for wildlife preservation through studying marine biology. He already had plans to go to college and get a scholarship. One of his last concerns, just days before he died, was that he would be perceived as weak because “people have seen me for years fall and get back up again, but this time I can’t”. That killed me, but I reassured him that he was anything but weak. I’ll continue to fight, no matter how hard that may be, for all of the children still suffering and for those that have yet to be diagnosed. No child or parent deserves this life. Thank you for staying in the fight as well.#WesStrong 

Wes Chel Pak
December 21, 2005-November 3, 2018

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