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November 29, 2014 to December 13, 2020.

Wilms Tumor, metastasized to lungs and brain.

He became sick just as the pandemic shut down occurred. Finding care was difficult, doctors seemed to forget more than covid existed. We were always sent home, told to rest and give Tylenol. It took nearly 3 months to get a diagnosis. Diagnosis day, June 15, 2020. By then the kidney tumor was massive and spread to lungs. He spent 6 weeks on a ventilator after developing pneumonia from a lung biopsy. While on the vent he received both chemo and radiation. On Halloween he finally had the kidney and it's Tumor removed. A week later, the tumors were removed from his lungs. He recovered well, was considered cancer free, doctors optimistic. 7 days later, on November 15th, he woke up with left side paralysis. It took 3 days to discover 2 masses on his brain. Treatment was not helping and on Dec 13 he passed to the other side of the stars after a series of devastating seizures.

He loved Iron Man, dinosaurs, excavators, watermelon and strawberries, sunrises and sunsets and Halloween. He loved his daddy more than anything but was still mommy's boy. He loved nerf gun fights and wrestling with his big brother. He was the best hugger and cuddler ever. His smile was so infectious. This child knew no disappointment and was full of contagious joy. Our world is much darker without him, but we still chase the sun for him, always will.

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