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Mile #135 Abby 

Abigail Kerns
Her story started December 15th 2012 her birthday. She was born healthy, she had acid reflux. She hit all her milestones and was growing so fast. She was tall for her age until she June 14th 2018.
Her kindergarten physical. She was having severe stomach pains, would scream out in pain at bedtime. Pain no 5 year old should have. So during her physical I begged her doctor to listen to me. He finally did, he saw/felt a mass in/on her stomach. He sent us to get an ultrasound of it. The girls and I were by ourselves. I had dropped there dad at his work before the appointment. So we go and have the ultrasound done and they send us back to the pediatricians office. Once there we were rushed back to the room we were in before we went to get the ultrasound.

We waited for the doctor for about 20-30 minutes. He came in with sad eyes asking if I had any family in the area I could call. My heart dropped, I didn’t know what to think…What was wrong with my baby? He tells me the mass might be cancerous and tells me we need to go to Inova Fairfax children's hospital. Then he leaves the room because he was making arrangements for Abby.

So I start calling family , anyone… I get ahold of everyone, making my own arrangements for Abby's little sister Marissa (Sissy). My husbands boss brings Michael to the doctors office. My memaw (Rosa) comes. My sister (Angelina) let’s us barrow her car, our youngest stays with my sister.

We get to the hospital they run even more test on my baby. At this point my mom (Yvonne) is with my husband and I. So we would be able to talk to the doctors and help Abby. After all the test they run they are positive the mass is cancerous. They tell us they will be transporting us to Children's national in D.C. for surgery. They remove her right kidney and place a port for chemotherapy and other medications in. 11
After a week Abby is home, we go to the Cancer and blood disorders clinic in Fallschurch to start treatments. And to fine out what kind of cancer it is.

Stage IV Unfavorable histology Welms Tumor. Rare. Is all I heard. I am glad my mom was with me. I couldn't process any of the information thrown at me. Chemotherapy started immediately, they said 10 months of chemotherapy. Radiation followed 13 days. 
Abbys hair started to thin and fall out. We got it cut short, she hated it. Clumps of hair were starting to fall out and even fall into her food. We got her head shaved she hated it…She thinks she looks like a boy. We tell her she doesn't that she is beautiful.

In and out of appointments and hospitals. At the 6th month mark we find out the 18 tumors in Abby's lung are gone. Only 4 months left to go of chemotherapy. She gets a NG feeding tube in because she has lost weight. We need her strong to finish chemotherapy to make sure all the cancer cells are gone. 
Abby is kicking cancers butt…
This is her story so far, and it is far from over…

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