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Grace Arden was born on a horrible day in American history, 09/11/2001, bringing hope into a world full of tragedy.  As a treasured only child, we soaked up her perfect presence and all was well.   In 2006 at the age of four, Grace was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer), and the battle began.  Treatment is brutal on a tiny, delicate body – multitudes of tests, chemo, surgery, radiation. Grace endured and triumphed.  She walked into kindergarten wise beyond her years after enduring more than most adults ever will.  She took her place, and we prayed it was over. 

At the age of twelve and against astronomical odds, Grace relapsed.  Treatment kicked into overdrive for the next five years.  Our girl had a warrior spirit, and the battle was FIERCE.  Grace would beat the cancer down, and in months it would be back again.  Remission was like a dangling prize that she would touch with her fingertips before it was snatched away again.  She never gave up.  She had goals and she had plans for her future.  As her parents, so did we.  We wanted her story to be about our incredible Phoenix that rose from the ashes.  Cancer doesn’t care what you want.  Our beautiful Grace, the color of our world, met Jesus at the age of 16.  Our hope is in the promise that we will see her again one day.  Until that day comes, rock the gates of Heaven, love.  You earned it.      

Forever Grace’s mom,

Mary Eubanks         

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