Spartans Family Restaurant

Chris and Xenia Sarantis founded Spartans Family Restaurant in January 1995 in Burke, Virginia. Over the years several restaurant passed through the Spartans location but Chris and Xenia strongly believed with their hard work and belief in customer service, they could make their dream a lasting reality. Their focus was providing good food and a comfortable atmosphere where customers felt part of their family. They did just that and Spartans has created a family amongst their staff as well as their customers.

In August 2007 they expanded their dreams by opening Spartans’ sister location Olympians Family Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.

We dedicate everything we do to our Father, Chris Sarantis who suddenly passed on September 20, 2007. He is the reason Spartans & Olympians Family Restaurants exist and was and always will be our mentor and hero.

We have learned everything from him and will continue to not only implement everything he taught us at the restaurants, such as customers are #1 & be consistent, but we will continue to be role models in our family, to your families, and in our community.

We will make sure that as he watches us he continues to be proud.

Mile #1