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Alice is four years past a diagnosis of Hepatoblastoma - pretext IV liver cancer. She is in remission, and every day of her life is a gift.

The internet placed her survival at 20-70%, as if that means anything. We know so little about pediatric cancer, even less about the rarer ones like HB. We were ripped from our small, suburban life and thrown into the most uncertain waters - feeling like we were drowning for months. Like most cancer parents, our lives were immediately split in half - eveything that happened before that day, and everything that happened after. A folcrum, on which the story of our lives builds to or recedes from.

Alice was rescued from death by a small child. A tiny hero we were never able to meet, whose family chose to donate their organs after they passed. She recieved her new liver in the summer of 2019. And since that day, we haven't stopped wondering why so much is asked of our children, before they've even had the oppurtunity to grow up.
More importantly, how does everyone's life keep moving around them, as our most precious community members are sick and dying? It is only through organizations like Stillbrave that constantly raise awareness and provide resources for these children that we stand a chance of changing our national and worldwide response to pediatric cancer. Our hope in a brighter future rests (life everything else) on the mighty shoulders of our tiny children, fighting battles they should never have had to endure. And the parents and loved ones standing behind them, exhausted, angry, clear-eyed, and determined.

We stand with all of you; these 240 children, and all the others.
Until there is a cure,
The Scharphorns

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