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We had the most amazing thirteen years with our daughter. She taught us how to live with humor, courage, bravery, grace, love, kindness and an over abundance of JOY. Daisy loved life and loved bringing joy to others. She loved to dance and have dance parties.

 Her absence has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Although she just left us in the ‘heart’ month on February 26th, it seems somewhat fitting because Daisy loved BIG. She loved Valentines Day and sprinkling love and kindness on a regular basis. The ‘heart’ month, which she called it only gave her an excuse to give even more. 

 She was six years old when she was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, brain cancer. Doctors warned us if it came back, there would be no treatment options as it didn’t respond to treatment a second time. But with time came other options and Daisy would relapse three additional times. Her fight was a seven years long and lasted over half of her lifetime. She got through the difficult treatments by telling jokes to others and their laughter would fuel her to keep going, day after day. 

 We were forced to look at other nonconventional ways to heal our daughters cancer but we didn’t have enough time. We do believe that the measures we took added years to her precious life though.

 She was never in pain and her body was strong. We joked that she was probably the healthiest cancer patient her Dr’s had ever seen. However, the tumor that grew on the left side of her brain pushed her brain all the way over onto her brain stem and there was nothing more any of us could do. 

 We will miss our little girl who always looked on the bright side of today because today is all that’s promised anyway. Her signature, ‘Have a good Daisy’ will continue to be such a  special meme for all of us who knew and loved her. 

 We love you Tom. Thank you for blessing Daisy with your ray of sunshine and have a good Daisy!

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