Mile #189 in honor of Lily

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Mile #189 Lily 

Hey Tom!
We're so excited that you're getting out there to try this race again! We have faith in you! <3 Thank you for all that you do! 
Please let us know what we can do to support you this next year & while at the race! :)

Lily Bio:
At the age of 2 years old, Lily was an energetic, happy, seemingly healthy, full of life toddler! We noticed an abdominal protrusion, which we thought would be an easy fix, completely oblivious as new parents. Within 48hrs of seeing the pediatrician, Lily underwent exploratory surgery. Her left kidney, large tumor, appendix, & adrenal gland were all removed. She would stay in the hospital for a week & as we were discharged, we still had little answers. They speculated what it could be, but it took about 3 weeks until she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Wilms Tumor (favorable histology), a kidney cancer. Luckily the cancer hadn't spread, the tumor hadn't ruptured, & surgery was successful in removing it all. She underwent 21 weeks of chemotherapy. Today, Lily is a SURVIVOR & 6 months NED (no evidence of disease)! She's 3 years old, growing like a weed, & about to start her first day of school this fall! #LilyStrong

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