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Tegan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was 2 years old, in August 2011.  The first couple of months of treatment were very hard on her, with most of it spent in hospital with various complications.  Once all settled down, Tegan thankfully had a pretty uneventful 26 months of treatment, never requiring another hospital stay.  For Tegan, chemo was hardest on her little legs.  She lost her reflexes (and they didn’t come back until about 15 months after treatment finished) and ended up wearing leg splints as her gait continued to deteriorate as she continued through maintenance treatment.  

Tegan is now over 6 years off treatment.  She struggled for years with ongoing leg pain and weakness from chemo,  which made her most favourite thing to do - rhythmic gymnastics - painful every time she trained.  She finally connected with a great Physio who figured out the problem and she now lives and trains pain free!  She is a bright, smart, strong, healthy girl.  We are so thankful, everyday, that she is here with us.

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