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Vara James Gordon was born 11/27/2006. She has endured “regular” kid struggles, moves, school changes, parents divorced but nothing in the world could have ever prepared us for the news that would change the course of our lives and expose a hero into this world living among us. On March 11th 2016, we got the call that Vara had a mass on her Kidney and two days later it was confirmed she had cancer. Wilms Tumor. This brave 9 year old girl had her kidney removed and within 12 days was facing 7 rounds of Radiation and 28 weeks of Chemotherapy.

After successfully celebrating her remission status with a party and all her community celebrating her. She spoke at CureFest and captured the hearts of so many with her smile and fearlessness. Unfortunately, she relapsed and was forced to face the monster again. She had relapsed to her lungs and was required to have her Port replaced, her lungs cut into and her spirit challenged again. She was a true hero who endured 35 weeks of treatment and 10 rounds of radiation. She all the while, kept talking to others about childhood cancer, and has even watched two very close hospital buddies pass away. She never turned her back on cancer, and she always stood up for her friends.

Vara has just completed 2 years off treatment as of March 2020 and scans again in May. This is the longest we have been cancer free and she is now a 13 year old enjoying 7th grade. This winter her amazing friend Lily passed away after years of battling Ewings Sarcoma. Vara wanted to dedicate this mile to her honor. We know that Tom will run as far and as long as he can, and we have no doubt Lily AND Vara will be cheering him on every step of the way.

We remain thankful for Tom- and their love for oysters and bread pudding together have attached us to such a great cause.

We will always be thankful for everything Stillbrave and Tom have done and do for all the families. We now know three heroes! Vara, Lily and Tom!

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