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Mile #1 Aidan 

Hi Tom. Thank you for everything you do for our kids!!!!

We'd be honored if you could add our son, Aidan Anderson, to the list of children you're honoring. He was born with Stage 3 Hepatoblastoma on 9/13/11. Who knew a baby could be BORN with CANCER ?!?!?!?!? As you know all too well, you get quite the education at light speed! Thank God he is now in remission!!!

He was born via emergency c-section as his tumor was compressing the umbilical cord. He began chemo at just 10 days old. Imagine your baby is so toxic you need to protect yourself from him just to change his diaper. Excrutiating pain, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and long hospital stays was the beginning of his life. Thanks to many miracles along the way he cheated death several times and is now in remission and thriving, living life to the fullest.

Thank you again, Tom, for all you do for our kids. Your efforts and you are appreciated more than you know!
Connie Anderson
Thank you, Tom, and God Bless!!!!

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