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Today, Tarrin is a spunky 8-year-old who is in second grade. She plays guitar & keyboard with her big brother & loves being outside! You can find her “building traps” in the woods, swinging or riding her 4-wheeler!!! She enjoys playing nerf blasters with her dad & helping him collect the chicken eggs!! She likes getting her nails done with her big sister & is the best auntie ever!! Tarrin is in her 4th year of dancing with Darby’s Dancers & last year began running with Ainsley’s Angels!

Tarrin was diagnosed with down syndrome @ birth. Children who have down syndrome are 20% more likely to develop cancerSUCKS.
We found out that she had MDS/AML just after her second birthday. We noticed petechiae on her face & body & asked for a CBC @ her 2yr check up. The doctor was not concerned, but did order the test. It came back saying her platelets were very low. The rest is history.

She is thankfully 6 years & 1 month in remission!!!!!
She has run with Tattoo Tom in each race & is honored to go with him again!!!! We appreciate Tom’s hard work & dedication to all of the kiddos in this fight!!!
Tarrin says, “You Got This, Tom!!!”
Thank You,
The Hoban Family

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